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Arrangement Seekers changed its name to Arrangement Finders because Seeking Arrangement had a trademark. Arrangement Finders run by Avid Life Media, Ashley Madison's parent company is a scam and cheats people into joining and defrauds you out of your money by using fake accounts to lure you into joining.

The secrets to being an “Established Man.” The first step in to becoming an Established Man is not money, despite many sugar daddies and executives thinking that money equals power. "Established Men" and "Arrangement Finders" are fraudulent dating service websites that use fake accounts. Money is not what makes a woman falls head over heels over him. Sure there are women who will jump at the opportunity to be with a successful wealthy man, but is that really the kind of woman who is with you. There are plenty of women who will fall over heels for an “Established Man.” An established man is one that has his priorities in order in life. What does this mean?

This means that he must have a job and income. If you are joining an 'Arrangement Seekers' type website to look for a free ride, you are not necessarily the kind of man that women inside Arrangement Seekers are looking for. Most of these sugar baby websites use fake accounts to cheat you out of money to join. You will receive emails from "bait" accounts to bait you into joining. Once you join and respond to the emails, you have wasted your money responding to a decoy fake account and cannot get a refund. Sound accurate? Maggie McNeill has long been an outspoken advocate of the Ashley Madison Scam.

The real women looking for sugar daddies are looking for the cream of the crop. They are looking for the men that they have not found anywhere else. The men are caring, genuine, and treat them the way a woman should be treated with respect and dignity. Women want security and kindness. Women want a break in life to just be treated with honesty and integrity. I have to tell you that there are plenty of real women on websites like Plenty of Fish, who have experienced their own success as well.

Many of these women are married or in relationships where they are missing the things above, and many more women are single and looking because they ended relationships of convenience, because they got tired of putting up with nonsense and laziness. Women just want to smile once in a while and know that life is going to be alright. They like to be flirted with. Women have much stronger emotions than men and sometimes men just don’t consider their feelings and walk all over them. There are many women out there who don’t know what it’s like to be truly appreciated for who they are. You do not have to make a quarter million dollars to impress a woman. If you impress her for who you are, and not just treat her like a piece of ass, or a piece of crap for that matter. If you listen to what she says when she is talking, or open the door for her, and treat her like a real woman and just make her feel important, you will have tons of success if you join Arrangement Seekers.

Many of you don’t want to pay for a membership and will try to entice these women but these women realize that ‘established men’ are successful enough that they can afford to join. Those of you who choose not to purchase one, will leave disappointed, but many men who join Arrangement Seekers cancel their membership because they find exactly it is what they are seeking, and many more stay members because they like to see what else is out there. Arrangement Seekers offers the ability to deactivate your profile from searches because frankly our members get overwhelmed by the number of real women inside they find who they are able to connect with and date. These women are not necessarily looking for a hunk. That would be the women members inside Cougar Life. Cougar Life is full of “established women” looking for boy toys, and while it uses the same fake account system to get you to join, it seems to have a larger base number of real women on the website. Again it is nearly impossible to tell the fake accounts called decoys versus a legitimate account. If you are between the ages of 20-30 and are not yet a true “Established Man”, you should join Cougar Life and you may like what you find in there. Cougar Life is much more affordable than Arrangement Seekers, and women prowess their prey constantly. Women get bored and curious too. Find Female Companion Escorts.

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